Software Version History

Version 11.2.14 Posted by Matt on October 7, 2021

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
    • Ability to customize the availabilty display when adding products to an order.
    • Improved the message that appears when the data has expired.
    • Fixed the Take Inventory screen's disappearing search button.
  • Program Options: Expanded Product Availability settings to allow selection of a User-Defined Field.
  • Various fixes and minor enhancements throughout.

Version 11.2.6 Posted by Matt on December 3, 2020

  • Main Menu: current Market Name is now displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Main Menu: warnings indicator that appears when there are potential issues for you to review.
  • Automatic printing: when adding a new printer, the Friendly Name is now defaulted to the printer's actual name.
  • Various fixes and minor enhancements throughout.

Version 11.2.0 Posted by Matt on December 23, 2019

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
    • Ability to apply complex promotions using a new server-side module.
    • Fixed behavior that would not save the new customer's info from their scanned badge when the setting to skip new customer entry was enabled.
    • Minor changes to various screens.
  • Automatic printing improvement: you can now manage the printers that appear on the scanners. Hide printers that you don’t need the scanners to use and name the printers whatever you wish. You can use friendly names like “Front Printer” or “Color Printer” instead of “HP LaserJet m323u9 [khsd98n2]”
  • Label/Tag printing: import a physical inventory as the list of labels to be printed.
  • Always Export data to Excel: in the past, if your PC didn’t have Excel installed on it, you could only export Product, Customer, etc. data as tab-delimited text files. Now you can export the data as Excel every time if you wish. The Program Options>Program Settings tab has a new "Always Export Data to Excel" checkbox.
  • Customer User-Defined Fields: there are now 5 UDFs available for Customer data. Use them to store additional information about customers. Manage Data>Customers, Edit Customer.
  • Publishing Data fix: if you did not have a company logo selected, you would get an error when attempting to publish your data. This has been fixed.
  • Various fixes and minor enhancements throughout.

Version 11.1.0 Posted by Matt on March 28, 2019

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
    • Improved and enhanced trade show badge scanning feature
    • Fixed option pricing issue when using price levels
  • Label/Tag printing: enter/import the quantity of labels to be printed for each product.
  • Label/Tag printing: import a physical inventory as the list of labels to be printed.
  • Visitor badge scanning: added event key entry section to Market Checklist.
  • Physical inventory: the inventory name can be changed.
  • Various fixes and minor enhancements throughout.

Version 11.0.1 Posted by Matt on December 28, 2018

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
    • Improved and enhanced trade show badge scanning feature
    • Fixed customer mode issue when scanning duplicate items
    • Fixed Socket Mobile scanner error
  • Minor improvements to various areas of the system.

Version 11.0.0 Posted by Matt on October 8, 2018

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
    • Swipe to delete: swipe left to delete unwanted items from your order
    • Improved and enhanced trade show badge scanning feature
    • New Icon
  • Items Sold Report: can now be limited to the top 10, 25, 50, etc. top sellers.
  • Orders for an Item Report: new autocomplete feature speeds up item number entry.
  • Badge scanning: improved and expanded to allow use at the High Point, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Dallas markets.
  • Multi-company features: each computer can now be configured to only show information for specific lines.
  • Multi-company features: a column has been added to the Process Multiple Orders screen for Company.

Version 10.9.7 Posted by Matt on July 7, 2018

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
  • New Report: Items Sold by Salesperson - shows all items sold by each salesperson with subtotals.
  • Container cubes: total cubes for each order may now be displayed on printouts and various screens. To enable, go to Settings>Program Options, Program Settings tab, Show Container Cubes checkbox.

Version 10.9.6 Posted by Matt on June 1, 2018

  • New Trade Show Badge scanning feature
    • Just in time for the Dallas show, you can now scan the buyer's badge barcode when you are selecting a customer for the order.
    • Currently available for Dallas and High Point shows, but we'll be adding support for Atlanta and Las Vegas soon.

Version 10.9.4 Posted by Matt on March 7, 2018

  • Data Import: Customer and Ship To data can now be imported from Excel (XLS or XLSX) files from the Manage Customers screen. You can still import from tab-delimited text files as always.
  • Data Export: Customer and Ship To data can now be exported to Excel (XLSX) from the Manage Customers screen.
  • Data Export: Corrected an issue with the exporting of boolean (yes/no) fields so that yes is exported as Y and no is exported as blank, which lines up with the data import functions.
  • Physical Inventory: you can now convert a Sales Order to an Inventory from the Manage Orders screen. Right-click on the order and choose 'Convert to Inventory'.
  • Product Photo tools: Improved the missing photo statistic by allowing you to view/print a list of the products without photos.
  • Email sending: added email address validation to help reduce typos or invalid addresses.
  • Credit card entry: fixed an issue where the credit card information would not be displayed on the order immediately after it was entered.
  • Credit Card entry: fixed an inconsistency in the 'VISA' card type where it would occasionally be displayed as 'Visa'.
  • Database emailing and backup: fixed an issue where the database would be locked and unable to be emailed or backed up.

Version 10.9.0 Posted by Matt on November 30, 2017

  • Excel email attachments: you can now attach an Excel file that contains an order's line items! Use this both with manual and automatic emails.
  • Email configuration: the screens for configuring your email templates and settings have been improved.
  • Copy one or more line items: if you want to duplicate a line item (or several at once), right click the item on the Edit Order screen and choose 'Copy Item'.
  • Database upgrade: the core OrderXpert database has been upgraded, which improves performance and reliability.
  • Repair database: repairing the database cleans it and compresses it, making it more efficient. You can now manually do this by clicking File>Repair Database.
  • eCat product import: products that have been manually created or imported from Excel will now be preserved when the 'Get Latest Data from eCat' process is run. This is useful for products that are not yet in eCat but need to be in OrderXpert.

Version 10.8.4 Posted by Matt on November 15, 2017

  • Email Order from Edit Order screen: a new Email Order button has been added to the Edit Order screen.
  • Edit Order warning: if something is changed on an order that will hide it from the current Manage Orders list, a warning now appears.
  • Items sold by UDF report: now the report can be optionally separated by pages for each UDF value.
  • Manage Orders list refresh: improved the performance of the list refresh process, especially noticeable for when 1000+ orders are in the list.
  • eCat data import and special characters: fixed an issue that would occasionally substitute question marks for special characters.
  • eCat Salesperson import: improved process to eliminate eCat users who are not salespeople, especially the new eCat Online users.
  • eCat Photo import: now the product data must also be selected when getting photos from eCat. This prevents old photos from not getting replaced.
  • Excel reports: added formatting to date values.
  • Save products to Excel: fixed UPC column issue where values would be blank.

Version 10.8.3 Posted by Matt on July 25, 2017

  • Order List report: added a Type column that displays the order type.
  • Buyer email on order printout: fixed truncation that was visible when email address was more than 50 characters.
  • Buyer email on order printout: display the address that was entered in the scanner's Email to Customer field.
  • Save order items to Excel: changed format of price fields to display currency character.

Version 10.8.2 Posted by Matt on June 12, 2017

  • Improved database performance. A new database driver was implemented that resulted in faster screen loads and overall performance of the OrderXpert PC app.
  • Price Level Discrepancies: added a "P/L" status to the Manage Orders screen if the order’s price level does not match the customer’s price level. Also, a warning icon is displayed above the Price Level field on the Edit Order screen.
  • View changes made to orders: when an order is edited, the original and new values can now be seen when you look at the history of the order. Helpful for tracking down unexpected changes to orders.
  • Automatic Email History: you can see a complete history of all of the emails that were automatically sent from the scanners. Find this feature by clicking the View drop-down on the Manage Orders screen, or from the View History button at the bottom of the Settings>Automatic Emailing screen.
  • Importing order items: you can now can import XLSX files in addition to XLS files.
  • Changed "Salesman Copy" to "Salesperson Copy" on order printouts.
  • Fixed a scenario where existing customers were being shown as new.
  • Fixed a scenario where new customers were assigned a price level different than their order.
  • Fixed an occasional error noticed when restoring a database backup.

Version 10.8 Posted by Matt on April 3, 2017

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
  • Customer credit cards "on file": you can import a simple file that contains your customers' credit card information, where it can easily be selected when writing an order.
  • Custom product data sent to scanner: product's user-defined fields (UDF) are now sent to the scanner where they can be viewed while writing an order.

Version 10.7 Posted by Matt on October 15, 2016

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
  • Viewing exported orders: now you can view orders from the Manage Orders screen after they have been exported.
  • Allowed option types: products can now be configured to allow only specific types of options to be assigned to them when they are added to an order.
  • Customer types: each customer can now be assigned to a customer type and you can configure as many customer types as you wish
  • Liked items: the "Like" term may be changed to whatever you wish. The first 4 characters of the name you choose will be displayed on the scanner.
  • Order history: you can vew an order's history (editing, emailing, etc.) from the Edit Order screen.
  • Items Sold report: a "Order Count" column has been added that displays the number of orders placed for each item.

Version 10.6 Posted by Matt on June 16, 2016

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
  • Formatted emails: now you can format your email body using bold, italics, different fonts, etc.
  • Automatic emailing: instantly email a copy of each order to the customer, salesperson, and/or office. Click the Settings drop-down, then Automatic Emailing to configure.
  • Custom product groups: you can now create lists of products that are grouped by a single barcode. Similar to the Family barcode, but more flexible. Use the product's UPC field to group products.
  • Terms codes: in addition to the name of each payment terms value (Net 30, Credit Card, etc.) a code can now be assigned (N30, CC, etc.) to help when you import the orders into your order processing system. Use the new TermsCode field in the Customer import file.

Version 10.5 Posted by Matt on December 11, 2015

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
  • Attachments for emailed orders: instead of a single ZIP file that contains a PDF of each order, the emails now include a PDF of each order. This is much easier for recipients to open.
  • Printing Tags: now you can more easily find the products you want to print tags for as the Find Products area now includes user-defined fields (UDF).
  • Order # on Manage Orders screen: a new column has been added to the order list to display the order number.
  • New customers not showing as new: in a certain scenario, new customers were not considered new. This has been fixed.
  • Item Sold by UDF report: when choosing a specific UDF value to report on, the report showed all UDF values. This has been fixed.
  • Multi-company price levels: now you can assign different price levels to the same customer if you have more than one company set up.

Version 10.4 Posted by Matt on June 12, 2015

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
  • Publish data to other computers: you can now setup a single computer just the way you like it and then publish its’ OrderXpert data and photos to other computers across the internet with few clicks! Find it by clicking the Manage Data drop-down, then Publish Data to other computers.
  • New computer data restore: now you can restore an OrderXpert database backup as one of the first steps after installing OrderXpert on a new computer.
  • Orders for an Item report: the drop-down box has been replaced with a text box, so you can now type in your item numbers instead of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling for them.
  • Product availability: each order type can now be configured to decrease a product’s availability when it is orders. For example, you may not want to decrease the availability for products on a Quote type order, but you do for a Confirmed order.
  • Salesperson management: the screen where salespeople are assigned to customers has been improved.
  • Multi-company price levels: now you can assign different price levels to the same customer if you have more than one company set up.

Version 10.3 Posted by Matt on December 18, 2014

  • Apple app updates: click here to see in iTunes.
  • Market Checklist: a new screen helps you do everything needed to get ready for a new market/show. Settings, Market Checklist.
  • Order History: you can view the history of changes for each order on the Manage Orders screen. Right-click on an order and then click History.
  • New customer display: on the Manage Orders screen, new customers have a bold telephone number. If they have been assigned a customer number, the phone number will be green, red if not.
  • Order status display: on the Manage Orders screen, the rightmost column is now Status to indicate different statuses: N=New, L=Locked, E=Exported.
  • Manage Orders: sort order no longer gets reset when going to another screen.
  • Deleting multiple orders: on the Process Multiple Orders screen, the performance has been drastically improved and orders are now deleted almost instantaneously.
  • Barcode on order printout can now be set to either a 1D or 2D format. Settings, Program Options, Display Settings tab, Order Printout area, Barcode Type.
  • Price levels: each product can now have up to 20 different prices.
  • Product UDFs: user-defined fields for products can now be printed on orders. Manage Data, Products, Edit a product, User-Defined Fields tab, click on a UDF and check the Show on Order Printout box.
  • Product import: now both XLS and XLSX Excel file formats can be imported.
  • Product import: in addition to importing complete product information, you can now import a simple product availability file. Manage Data, Products, Import from Excel, Product Availability.
  • Reports: a new Items Sold by Order Type report lets you see the quantity and dollars sold for each item by order type.
  • Reports: a new Items NOT Sold report lets you see what didn't get ordered.
  • Reports: the Comparison Order Totals report now lets you group by Salesperson, Order Type or Terms.
  • eCat: new customers are now properly set as new when orders are submitted.
  • eCat: eCat's order number is not printed on the order.

Version 10.2 Posted by Matt on April 1, 2014

  • Added automatic data purge on scanner which will delete the data from the device after a user-specified amount of time (default of 5 days).
  • Improved performance of eCat connector when sending orders from the iPad to the PC.
  • Added 9 user-defined fields (UDFs) to the Order header which can be used to collect information for each order. Configure using the Settings>Program Options>Order Options tab>Custom Fields area.
  • Collection of signatures on the scanners is now required if this feature is enabled. User will be forced to draw something in the signature area.
  • Made several changes to the Manage Promotions area for easier and more reliable use.
  • Added a new column to the PC's Manage Orders screen and a drop-down field to the Edit Order screen to allow selection of BOTH Salesperson and Order Writer. The Salesperson field can be used to track who gets credit/commission for the order. See the Export instructions for more information.
  • Minimum PC display width was changed from 1024 pixels to 1280.
  • Implemented new fields when eCat sends an order to OrderXpert: Order Type, Ship Date, Tag For and Options. Implemented the product options when importing product data from eCat’s web server. Implemented each salesperson’s email address and telephone number when importing customer data from eCat’s web server.
  • When sending an order as an email, the customer's and salesperson's email address are automatically entered into the email's To and CC fields, if an address exists for the customer and/or salesperson.
  • When you send a single order as an email, the order is now attached as a PDF file instead of a ZIP file. Multiple orders are still sent as PDFs compressed into a ZIP file.
  • Added a new base price multiplier field to the Import Product Data from Excel screen that allows prices to be automatically adjusted by a multiplier when importing data.

Version 10.1 Posted by Matt on December 17, 2013

  • Create promotions for both order headers (based on the order's dollar total) and order line items (based on the quantity ordered). Promotions will automatically be applied as the order is changed. On the PC, click Manage Data then Promotions.
  • SE: Submitted orders can now be pulled back to the scanner for further editing by scanning a barcode or entering the order number, both of which are now printed on the bottom of each order.
  • Users can now be imported from a text file that contains their name, email address, phone number and password.
  • Automatic printing can now be configured to give the user two choices: Print Now and Don't Print Now. Choosing Print Now will honor the settings that have been configured on the PC.
  • Product availability can be hidden on the scanners. To hide/display availability, click Settings, Program Options, Program Settings tab, then uncheck/check the Show Product Availability box.
  • iOS: Work with multiple companies/divisions/brands in the app.
  • iOS: Improved Linea Pro barcode scanner performance.
  • Orders can now be imported from another OrderXpert database file.
  • QR Codes can now be selected as one of the barcode formats when printing tags. Data Matrix still seems to be a better choice for a 2D format.

Version 10.0 Posted by Matt on October 12, 2013

  • NEW: iOS app available! Now you can use iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch devices to quickly and easily write orders at trade shows!
  • SE: Customer Mode lets you set up a scanner for use by a customer so that they are only able to scan, adjust quantities, and add notes.
  • Streamlined new order process by eliminating the need to choose an order writer separately from the salesperson. All names of both salespeople and order writers now appear in the same list to choose from.
  • Added Items Sold by User Defined Field report, which will let you choose a UDF field to group and subtotal by and optionally choose a specific UDF value to limit the report.
  • New color coding of new and discounted products. New products have a green item number and discounted line items have a red price.
  • Order line items can be copied/split, which is useful for easily applying "buy 3 get 1 free" type of promotions.
  • Order line items can be moved to another order, in case the item is accidentally added to the wrong order.
  • The order information screen on the scanners (tap the "i" button) now shows extensive information separated into 3 sections: All, New, and Current products.
  • SE: Scanner now will sleep after 30 minutes even when charging. This helps reduce the load on the wireless network.
  • All item reports now have the option to include a product photo.
  • Added Grouping and Summary options to certain reports, giving much more flexibility when running reports.
  • Order Types can now be selectively disabled, including the Like feature. Each order type can also be set so that it cannot be edited on the scanners once it has been submitted.
  • Merging orders screen has been overhauled, making it much easier to find and merge orders.
  • Line item option upcharges can now be assigned to options, which add to or subtract from the item's total price.
  • Improved the way Item options are filtered by their option type, making it easier to add multiple options to an item.
  • Item Option type now appears on the order printouts.

Version 9.9 Posted by Matt on June 17, 2013

  • The PC's main menu has been simplified and less common functions were moved to drop-down menus at the top of the screen.
  • The Manage Orders screen's order printout settings (line item sequence, grouping, etc.) have been moved to the Program Options screen.
  • Order printouts can now be grouped and subtotaled by category, intro date, or any user-defined field.
  • Added Items Sold by User Defined Field report, which will let you choose a UDF field to group and subtotal by and optionally choose a specific UDF value to limit the report.
  • Added ability to manage product options from within OrderXpert PC.
  • Added the ability to force users to choose options on the scanner when a product is added to the order.
  • Added the ability to filter options on the scanner by the option type. Helpful when looking for options of a specific type.
  • Added 4 more user-defined product fields and improved the ability to name each field.
  • Added more Excel reports.
  • Added ability to set a percentage off default for new customers. Use the "Default % off" field in OrderXpert PC's Program Options screen's Price Levels area.
  • Added the Order Type to the scanner's Order screen. Now shows both the customer's id and the order type at the top of the screen.
  • The line item count has been added to the Order screen to go along with the total quantity. A new "i" button is now available to show details about the order, specifically new product totals.
  • More information about each order has been added to the scanners list of orders to make selecting the desired order easier.
  • Improved the ability to add the same item to an order more than once. If this feature is enabled, each time the user scans the same item, it will be added to the order as a new line item.

Version 9.8 Posted by Matt on December 17, 2012

  • Tested and optimized for Windows 8.
  • Removed Windows "Start" menu bar from top of all scanner screens except for the main menu. This prevents accidental taps on the Start menu, clock, etc. and allows OrderXpert to fill the entire screen.
  • Improved scanner performance, especially for companies with large product databases.
  • Available product quantities have been added to the Check Prices screen, the product search screen, and the family barcode scanning screen.
  • Reduced scanner app startup time by removing the zipped data file from the device at the end of a cradle sync.
  • Product data can be imported directly from an Excel XLS file using the Manage Products screen. You have the option of importing an entirely new file (replacing all items in the database) or importing only adds and updates.
  • The Order Number that is printed on the bottom of each order is now displayed on the Merge Orders screen.
  • Relocated "Wireless Sync" drop-down menu on PC to the top level instead of below the "Settings" menu. Also, added "Disabled" to the caption if the wireless sync server is disabled.
  • Eliminated the popup message that appears when the Wireless Sync app is launched on the PC. Now a simple, unobtrusive notification appears in the system tray (near the clock).
  • Improved detection of IP address changes by the PC's Wireless Sync app. Use of an IP address that does not change is still highly recommended.
  • New data fields have been added to the Exported data: OrderTotal (the total dollar amount of each order), ContactName, ContactPhone, and ContactEmail.

Version 9.7 Posted by Matt on October 1, 2012

  • Submitting orders from the scanner can now be sped up dramatically by reducing the frequency of data refreshes. Use the Program Options screen's Scanner Settings tab to set the Data Refresh Frequency to any value between 0 and 24 hours.
  • New items are now displayed in bold font on the PC's Edit Order screen. The order printouts have always displayed new items in bold font.
  • A discount can now be applied to several items at once on the PC's Edit Order screen. Highlight more than one item and the Edit Items button will let you choose a discount to apply.
  • Order items can now be quickly imported from an Excel file, allowing rapid entry of orders brought to market by customers on paper. Use the Import Items button on the PC's Edit Order screen.
  • The Process Multiple orders screen now tracks every process (such as Email, Print, and Save as PDF), not just the Export Data process. This allows you to see the orders that have already been processed and process them again if needed.
  • The order list on the Process Multiple orders screen can now be sorted by clicking on a column header. A new Custom Field area can be used to filter the order list by any column.
  • Orders by Custom Field report allows a report to be printed that groups orders by a user-selected field.
  • A new Custom Reports tab is available on the Print Report screen and allows you to run any external file, such as Crystal Report RPT, Excel XLS, or any EXE. We can create custom reports for you that can be run from this screen.
  • PC's Manage Items screen now has a automatic search feature that finds items as you type their number or description.

Version 9.6 Posted by Matt on July 6, 2012

  • A password can now be required when selecting a Salesperon and/or Order Writer on the scanner. Enable this feature using the Program Options screen, Order Options tab, Users section, Require Password checkbox.
  • The order level discount can now be named whatever you wish and it will display on the screens and printouts. For example, you may wish to name your discount "Market Discount" or "Your discount" instead of the default "Discount".
  • Items Sold report now has the option to hide quanities and prices. It also allows item photos to be printed.
  • Increased maximum number of items returned during a search on the scanner from 50 to 100.
  • Improved badge scanning matching routine by using zip codes as one of the search criteria.
  • Price Level 0 can now be renamed. Prior to this update, the named was fixed as "Base Price". Change it's name on the Program Options screen, Display Settings tab.

Version 9.5 Posted by Matt on April 13, 2012

  • Price level values can now be non-whole numbers greater than one, which will be multiplied by an item's base price. For example, a price level of 1.1 will multiple every item's base price by 1.1 to calculate the selling price.
  • Check Prices screen now honors wildcard character (~) in the barcode to display all items that begin with the characters preceding the character. For example, a barcode value of 1234~ will display items with numbers 1234, 1234-01 and 1234-01.
  • Unnamed price levels are no longer displayed on the Check Prices screen.
  • When creating a new customer on the scanner, the customer information screens can now be skipped, requiring only the customer's telephone number to be entered before scanning items. This setting can be changed using the Program Options screen, Scanner Settings tab, Skip Address fields for new customers checkbox.
  • Item options can now be restricted to specific items. There is a new "UnConfigurable" field in the item data template that if set to anything other than blank will cause the "Configure" button on the Edit Item screen to be hidden.
  • Price Level 0 can now be renamed. Prior to this update, the named was fixed as "Base Price". Change it's name on the Program Options screen, Display Settings tab.
  • Export settings were made more intuitive. Program Options screen, Export Settings tab.
  • First time setup process was improved and made more intuitive.
  • Limit of 36,000 items was removed.

Version 9.4 Posted by Jason on December 27, 2011

  • Added ability to swipe credit cards on the scanner using a credit card reader attachment. Click here for a video explanation.
  • You can now use QR codes in OrderXpert instead of normal barcodes. QR codes are a great way to allow your buyers to lookup information about your product using their camera phones. When the buyer snaps a picture of the QR code, they are shown a web page at your web site, which typically contains details about the product.
  • You can now replace your company's address information on the order printouts with a single, larger image (logo) file. Useful if you want to list multiple addresses or information that is not available in OrderXpert.
  • Updated OrderXpert Online ( with a completely new look. Added more settings that were previously only available in OrderXpert PC.
  • The width of the Item # column on the order printouts can be adjusted. This can be used to prevent your long item numbers from wrapping to more than one line.
  • The Sidemark and Ship Via fields can be removed from the order printouts. Simply set their values to blank in the Program Options.

Version 9.3 Posted by Jason on October 10, 2011

  • Added ability to "Like" items while writing an order. Liked items will automatically print on a separate printout. Click here for a video explanation.
  • Merged Hold for Confirmation into Order Types list. Now all order types can be renamed and how they print can be adjusted. Click here for a video explanation.
  • Reworked the Process Multiple Orders screen to allow easier filtering of orders. Orders can be filtered by Order Type.
  • Added ability to email each salesperson copies of all of their orders at once. Use the Process Multiple Orders screen to do this.
  • The wireless sync program will now be disabled when data is being imported from OrderXpert Online. This will prevent any problems caused by orders being submitted while the data is being changed.

Version 9.2 Posted by Jason on July 07, 2011

Watch a video overview of the improvements on
  • Added ability to print orders in foreign currencies.
  • Improved Comparison of Items Sold report to allow the sum of items sold for the selected markets in addition to the difference between items sold.
  • Added new Comparison of Orders by Salesperson report which lists each day of the selected markets and shows the number of orders and the dollar amounts for each salesperson.
  • Added ability to choose multiple Item Intro Dates for the Comparison reports.
  • Added Remote Support shortcut to desktop to allow easy access without starting OrderXpert.
  • SE: Updated quantity field to allow quantities up to 9999 (was 999).
  • SE: Updated startup screen to display status message while loading.
  • SE: Updated Get Submitted Orders feature to only get orders for the current Market Name instead of all orders in the system.

Version 9.1 Posted by Jason on June 16, 2011

Watch a video overview of the improvements on
  • Cleaned up the Reports screen and made the reports' appearance more consistent with each other.
  • Added a Customer Type filter to the reports module. Reports can be filtered for All, New, or Existing customers.
  • Added a new Comparison Reports area to the reports module. Items sold report can compare sales for two different markets.
  • Added line item PromoCode field to order printouts. The promo code value is set by a company’s custom promotion processor.
  • Added a “NEW” watermark to the billing address area of the order printouts. This watermark will appear for new customers.
  • Added a feature to assign market names to all orders in a date range. This can be used to assign names to orders that were incorrectly named or unnamed. Program Options>Program Settings>Assign Name to Orders.
  • System now allows products from multiple companies to be set up under the same company. Orders will contain products from all of the manufacturers but reports can be filtered for specific companies.
  • SE version: The scanner’s backlight dimming, sleep timeout, internet network choice, scanner focus position, and scanner beeper volume are now automatically set each time the OrderXpert app is launched.
  • SE version: Battery warning notifications are now displayed when battery life falls below 50% and more urgent notifications once it falls below 25%.
  • SE version: If the order submission process fails, users can now retry using the same method (wireless or cradle) or select a different method.
  • SE version: Updated the prices on the list of items displayed when manually searching or scanning family barcodes so that the prices use the order’s price level.
  • SE version: For showrooms that have multiple manufacturers setup, the Add Item feature now prompts the user to select the manufacturer whose item they want to add. This allows items from any manufacturers to be manually added even if an order for the manufacturers has not been created.
  • SE version: OrderXpert automatically starts after a soft reset.
  • SE version: Moved .NET compact framework 2.0 CAB file to MC50's permanent storage area so that it will automatically be reinstalled after a hard reset/cold boot.
  • SE version: Removed all prompts and messages when installing OrderXpert on a scanner. This was particularly annoying on the MC55 model.
  • Plus version: changed HotSync conduit to split orders by manufacturer only if there are corresponding manufacturers set up in the database.
  • Created a new “Palm Only” installer for companies who are only using the Plus version. Note that the actual Palm app has not been changed and is still version 7.4.
  • Fixed the label/tag printing module which was not displaying product photos in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issues with email and folder browser features experienced on 64-bit systems.

Version 9.0 Posted by Jason on March 14, 2011

  • Redesigned Select Edition (SE) for Windows Mobile. Completely new look and feel!
  • Customers can be found by entering their partial name, zip code, or last 4 digits of their phone number.
  • Added the ability to filter the Manage Orders screen for a specific market.
  • Added the ability to search for an order by customer name or order number on the Manage Orders screen.
  • Added the ability to filter reports for a specific market.
  • Order Type column added to Manage Orders screen.
  • Allow HFC text to be company specific.
  • Changed the way the PO Number is generated so that it uses EITHER a sequential number OR the value provided by the customer.

Version 8.1 Posted by Jason on January 4, 2011

  • A completely new Windows Mobile version (Select Edition) is available. It does not contain all of the features of the Ultimate Edition, but has some improvements and is perfect for most companies:
    • Finding customers can be quickly done by typing in 3 or more characters of their name. Much faster and easier than scrolling through a list, especially for companies who have loose links between their customers and sales reps.
    • Customers may also be found by scanning the barcode on their buyer badge. Currently available for Dallas and Las Vegas markets. Unfortunately, High Point barcodes are encrypted and we have not been able to work out an arrangement with the Market Authority to decrypt the information. Hopefully, we’ll have that available for the Spring market.
    • Orders that have been finished on the scanner and submitted to the PC can be further edited on the scanner. Each rep is assigned a password that is used to retrieve their orders from the PC.
    • A custom message can be displayed to reps when they attempt to finish the order. This can be used to remind them to ask the customer about additional product or promotions. They can click Yes to continue or No to return to the order.
    • Full support for Motorola/Symbol Windows Mobile scanners as well as Janam Windows Mobile scanners.
  • Product photo filenames can be assigned to each item, in case your filenames don’t match the product ID values.
  • We have worked out a partnership with Synqware, who provides a very robust system to transfer orders from OrderXpert to many different accounting software packages, such as MAS 90/200, QuickBooks, ACCPAC, Navision, Great Plains, Oak Street, SAP, and many others. This will allow you to easily and reliably import market orders into your accounting software for further processing, without expensive programming.

Version 8.0 Posted by Jason on October 6, 2010

  • Ability to create ship to addresses on the scanner
  • Ability to set a “Current Market name” value for each market which will print on the bottom of each order. OrderXpert PC>Program Options>Program Settings.
  • When finished taking an inventory on the scanner, the user is taken directly to the screen that allows them to send the inventory to the PC.
  • Changed address information blocks on printout to include country, contact name, and contact phone.
  • Added Fax number to scanner’s new customer fields.
  • Added Email address to scanner’s new customer fields.
  • Added Contact Name to scanner’s new customer fields.
  • Added Contact Phone to Ship To address fields.
  • Added border around notes area on order printout.
  • Ability to view and/or print orders by State. Manage Orders screen’s list now has a State column which can be sorted. The Process Multiple Orders screen now has a State filter option.

Version 7.8 Posted by Chad on July 7, 2010

  • Added Country field for ship to addresses.
  • Added 5 user-defined fields for items.
  • Improved new customer price level selection screen on scanner.
  • Fixed bug that would detect all American Express card numbers as invalid on scanner.
  • Added credit card security code field on scanner and PC.
  • Added Country field to new customer screen on scanner.

Version 7.6 Posted by Matt on March 30, 2010

  • Added Up02OrderTypes table and a drop-down on both the PC and Scanner order details screens to select from a pre-defined list of order types. Added Order Type field to order printout. Added Order Types list management to Order Options tab on Program Options screen.
  • Created new “Export Settings” tab on Program Options screen and moved Minimum Export Age controls to this tab.
  • When scanning a family barcode for which there is only one child item, the item is automatically added to the order.
  • When scanning a family barcode on a Dell Axim, a warning tone is sounded to alert the user that they need to make a choice on the screen.
  • OX Online: Added ability to view/save PDFof exported orders on the View Orders page.
  • OX Online: Added ability to manage Order Types.
  • OX Online: Added PromoNotes and OrderType field to the OrderHeaders SQL table.

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